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lunedì 26 giugno 2017

Version Update

16:04 // by EJ3D Staff

Release 2.6.7
  • EjExportStlToXlsCommand
  • Ej_ScreenRecorder
  • Ej_MoveToOrigin
  • SubD Shank
  • stone rotation option in preferences
  • closing with esc in Azure command
  • button in the stone details window to bring the selected objects to the level
  • button the stone details legend to capture it and insert it in rhino as an image
  • numeric box to manage length of extrusions in the mandrel
  • more detailed description of the management of custom tables for stone details. Custom prices must be entered in dollars
  • open toolbar button to open rhinoceros in case it is closed
  • Library - added subD rings
  • Scanner - fixed the oval cut of the selection
  • Stone levels sometimes changed the carat incorrectly
  • Default table with another name in the custom tables for the stones
  • info message that did not take the network in some cases
  • capture of the Report for resolutions over 1920
  • double click which interfered with some rhino commands and other known plugins
  • saving position of windows even in cases of dual screen
  • rotation in easyGumball
  • creation of hatch and text3d in case of real round stones
  • Mandrel - the solid extrusion did not follow the construction history and a preview was not correct
  • Currencies for the calculation of the conversion from dollars in the stones details fixed

Release 2.4.4
  • Ej_CurveConnections  added
  • Ej_CirclesFromTwoCurves added
  • Ej_InsertOnStones for placing objects along a stones row added
  • Ej_Azure - Azure Holes from stones added
  • Ej_Strip - Azure holes on stones row added
  • Added 5 new Grasshopper Definitions
  • Added new Gumballs system

  • Ej_RoundStoneCustomDataTab fixed
  • Neon material bug fixed.
  • OrientOnSrf Rhino command now interact better with EasyJewels3D objects.

  • The position of the curves in Ej_ComplexSweep1 command now is related to 0-1 rail domain.
  • The position of the curves in EJ_MoveSectionOnCurve command now is related to 0-1 rail domain.
  • The position of the curves in Ej_MirroredCurve command choosing Curve option now is related to 0-1 rail domain.
  • Ej_GemsOnSrfPolySrfMesh command added "standard measures" check box. If unchecked you can work with all measures you want, otherwise the size of the stones is limited in a "standard table" measures.

  • Installation path changed.
  • Data storage system changed.
  • Some of the sections and profiles images changed.

  • Minor change Layer Name bug fixed.
  • All the command starts quickly.
  • In certain cases the Profiles from Polysurfaces goes wrong: now it is fixed.

  • Ej_StonesOnSrfPolysSrfMesh (Insert Stones) add fix collision with one stone.
  • Ej_StonesOnSrfPolysSrfMesh (Insert Stones) added measure (in mm) for the actual oriented stones 
  • Ej_StonesOnSrfPolysSrfMesh (Insert Stones) Right click into the orient button place one stone in the world 0 position
  • in Preferences added more shortcuts subdivided by commands
  • in Preferences added Values Tab with most increase-decrease absolute value numbers.

Rewrited the keystroke tap. Now it works better.

Minor bug fixed when turning on EasyJewels3D History. 



In anticipation of EasyJewels3D for the version of Rhino 6 we have enhanced the EJ3D object data structure. (if you are a EJ3D licenced users and rhino wip 6 user mail us for the plugin preview) 

For this reason, you must use the Ej_DataConversion command to convert all document objects from versions earlier than


  • Ej_MirroredCurve rewrited
  • Ej_MakeMirroredCurve add toolbar command
  • The Rhino Copy, Mirror, Array family commands now generate correct EJ3D objects


  • Ej_MirroredCurve rewrited
  • Ej_MakeMirroredCurve add toolbar command
  • Add command for linking curves on polysurfaces (only deg 3)
  • Add Ej_ObjectLinkData. Return the id's of all the objects linked on.



  • Minor bugs fixed



  • Fixed the positions of the H (EJ3Dhistory icon)
  • Fixed the positions of the EJ3D Gumball icon


  • Now most of the colors used are background-sensitive. This include: stone and prong data, Sweep-Complex text and section selector. If you works with dark background the elements are white, not black as usual.
  • Sweep-Complex gumball options added in Ej_preferences - Gumball. Now you can choose wire (made for speed) or shade gumballs. By default you see the wire gumballs.

Release -

  • Ej_CirclesFromCurves - Now when you create a circle from curves or a profile the resultant is a circle, not a nurbs circle.
  • Ej_ProfilesSrfPolysSrf - Now when you create a curve from revo stones the command generates circles.
  • Fixed few profiles.

  • Several new user cuts added
  • Added a new profiles.

  • Complex Sweep (remake with gumballs)
  • Edit Complex Sweep ((remake with gumballs)
  • Complete restyling of history
  • Automatics objects updating in forms
  • Metal weight changed to have automatic update while editing its objects . Added inches /grams option and textual indication
  • Orienting prongs , stones and gems is much faster with lots of objects and some exceptions are fixed
  • Report's exportation in ".rep" fixed. Easyjewels3d Report and Stand_alone_report.exe now work fine togheter
  • Scaling in prongs editing with proportional checked did not scale properly. fixed
  • "Undo redo" working better and faster
  • If you use rhino commands now easyjewels3d objets update themselves even in layers and they follow undo redo.